Water for All

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Water, like many of the world’s precious resources, is threatened by misuse, overuse, and pollution. In Asia and the Pacific, many countries are in a water crisis, and their expanding populations have increasing demands for water.

"Water for All" is ADB's vision for the Asia and Pacific region. ADB works to increase investments for better water services in cities and rural communities and careful management of water resources.

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  • Publication30 Sep 2016

    Tales from the Coral Triangle: Philippines

    These 10 winning entries from the "Our Seas" story writing contest for high school students in Palawan, Philippines employ fantasy, humor, and drama to highlight the importance of protecting the ocean.
  • Publication26 Sep 2016

    ADB Water Bonds Brochure

    ADB committed $2.25 billion to water projects across the water and other infrastructure and services sector; agriculture, natural resources and rural development sector; and energy sector in 2015.
  • News Release9 Sep 2016

    ADB, Myanmar Sign Agreements to Improve Urban Services in Mandalay

    ADB and the Government of Myanmar signed agreements for a $60 million loan and $4 million grant to provide Mandalay—the country’s second largest city—with a sustainable, modern wastewater and drainage management system.