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ADB's Focus on Water

In the Spotlight

  • Voice, Choice, and WASH: A Household Survey of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in a Port Moresby Settlement

    This publication discusses the results of a household survey assessing water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions in the Tete settlement of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

  • Asia Water Forum 2018: Information, Innovation, and Technology

    The recently concluded Asia Water Forum 2018 was widely acknowledged as a success by the over 800 participants who attended. Held on 2–5 October in Manila, the forum had a theme of “Information, Innovation, and Technology.” It included 6 plenary sessions, 22 parallel technical sessions, and 5 workshops, totaling to over 100 presentations. The Technology and Innovation Exhibition featured 48 exhibitors from the private sector, research institutions, and water agencies.

  • Access to Water Improves Lives in Asia’s Youngest Country

    Timor-Leste plans to provide universal access to clean water by 2030. ADB is supporting the plan, focusing on improving water supply in Dili and the municipal capitals. More than 30,000 people in 4,400 households now have a reliable water supply.

  • ADB Supports Innovative Drinking Water Solution in Philippines

    Members of the press were given a presentation on 21 June at HQ on a new technology, capable of producing drinking water from sunlight and air, that has been installed at HQ’s rooftop. ADB is collaborating with Zero Mass Water, Inc. and the Philippine National Electrification Administration to improve access to quality drinking water in urban and remote areas of the country through the technology. 

Water, like many of the world’s precious resources, is threatened by misuse, overuse, and pollution. In Asia and the Pacific, many countries are in a water crisis, and their expanding populations have increasing demands for water.

"Water for All" is ADB's vision for the Asia and Pacific region. ADB works to increase investments for better water services in cities and rural communities and careful management of water resources.

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