Accountability Mechanism

In the Spotlight

  • A Primer on the Office of the Compliance Review Panel

    Based on the Office of the Compliance Review Panel, these steps are done when investigating ADB's compliance with its own operational policies and procedures, following complaints received.

  • 2016 Learning Report on the Implementation of the Accountability Mechanism Policy

    The Accountability Mechanism Policy 2012 requires the Compliance Review Panel / Office of the Compliance Review Panel, Office of the Special Project Facilitator, Independent Evaluation Department, and Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department to produce a learning report every 3 years. This first learning report provides a summary of each department's key findings, lessons learned, and perceived gaps and issues in the implementation of the Accountability Mechanism.

  • What happens next?

    Here is what you need to know after you send a complaint to the ADB Accountability Mechanism.

  • We listen to people and communities affected by ADB-assisted projects

    Development effectiveness requires high standards of accountability, transparency, openness, and public participation. As an international development agency dedicated to eliminating poverty in Asia and the Pacific, ADB constantly strives to enhance all of these aspects of its operations.

    Find out how project-affected people can file a complaint.

ADB's Accountability Mechanism provides a forum where people adversely affected by ADB-assisted projects can voice and seek solutions to their problems and report alleged noncompliance with ADB's operational policies and procedures. It consists of two separate but complementary functions: problem solving function and compliance review function.

The objective of the Accountability Mechanism Policy 2012 is to be accountable to people for ADB-assisted projects as a last resort mechanism. Our policy and information are available in several local languages for easier access by project-affected people. We would appreciate the NGO/CSO community's carrying forward the message of ADB's Accountability Mechanism as widely as possible to people in developing countries.

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Problem Solving Function

The problem solving function aims to actively respond to the concerns of people affected by ADB-assisted projects through fair, transparent, and consensus-based problem solving.

Compliance Review Function

People who are directly, materially and adversely affected by an ADB-assisted project during formulation, processing, or implementation can file a request for compliance review to the independent Compliance Review Panel which investigate compliance with ADB's operational policies and procedures.

Filing a Complaint

The complaint must be addressed to the Complaint Receiving Officer (CRO).

For information on the 2012 Accountability Mechanism (AM) Policy, please refer to the following materials, which are available in various languages: