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Office of the Special Project Facilitator

The Office of the Special Project Facilitator (OSPF) is responsible for the problem solving function of the ADB’s Accountability Mechanism.

People who believe they have been adversely affected by an ADB-assisted project can use the problem solving function regardless of whether ADB operational policies and procedures have been violated. However, complainants must first make a good faith effort to resolve their problems by working with the concerned ADB operations department.

Project-affected people are at the core of the problem solving function, however, the Office of the Special Project Facilitator does not assume that ADB operations departments, the government, or private project sponsors are less sensitive to project-affected people’s concerns. In seeking solutions to problems, the Office of the Special Project Facilitator aims to win the confidence of all parties.

The second mandate

The Special Project Facilitator problem solving function also aims to strengthen the internal problem solving processes of ADB's operations departments.  The Special Project Facilitator will carry out activities designed to improve the overall internal problem solving functions of ADB

Guiding principles

OSPF is guided by the principles of:

  • Enhancing ADB development effectiveness and project quality;
  • Being responsive to the concerns of project-affected people, and treating all stakeholders fairly;
  • Reflecting the highest professional and technical standards in its staffing and operations;
  • Being independent and transparent; and
  • Being cost-effective, efficient, and complementary to the other supervision, audit, quality control, and evaluation systems at ADB. 

What we do

  • Help solve problems caused by ADB-assisted projects through a number of informal, consensus-based methods with the consent and participation of the concerned parties.
  • Initiate and guide the consultation process and facilitate development of solutions to the issues identified by different stakeholders.
  • Provide opportunities for all parties to meet and discuss their concerns—individually on a strictly confidential basis, when requested, or in meetings among themselves, or in joint deliberations with other parties.
  • Provide independent facilitators for dialogues and meetings.
OSPF's Responsibilities Parties' Responsibilities
  • Treat all parties with respect and ensure no one has an unfair advantage: Ensure that parties follow the rules and do not deviate from the process.
  • Document agreements and ensure they are respected and implemented.
  • Abide by the process and rules to which they have agreed.
  • Make good-faith efforts to solve problems and implement settlements as agreed.

The problem solving function has rules governing

  • Complaints
  • Eligibility of complaints
  • Scope and exclusions of complaints, and
  • Five procedural steps including time frame, confidentiality, and reporting requirements