Supplier Registration - Institutional Procurement | Asian Development Bank

Supplier Registration

Suppliers interested to supply goods and/or services for the institutional requirements of ADB and its various units at its headquarters are encouraged to register in the Supplier Management System (SMS).

Before you proceed to register, please take note of the following:

  1. Suppliers need not be registered in the SMS to participate in the ADB solicitation process, but the possibility of being shortlisted is greater for those who are registered.
  2. However, registration to the system is mandatory and pre-requisite to the conclusion of any Contract or a Purchase Order for the provision of institutional goods and/or services.
  3. Suppliers' applications will be validated and evaluated. Potential suppliers should be confident with releasing the required business information and documentation. The SMS has sufficient security protection for confidential information. Please note that insufficient or invalid data will deny potential suppliers from registering. Once approved, registered suppliers will be provided with a username and password. Suppliers are encouraged to update their profile regularly, as necessary.
  4. Only new suppliers could successfully register in SMS. ADB's existing suppliers who have previously registered with ADB's supplier database and wish to be SMS-users are advised to contact the Contracts Administration Unit (CAU) at this email contact form.
  5. Completion of the SMS registration will not necessarily result in your firm being added as a supplier of ADB.

The online registration should take approximately 15 minutes to complete, provided the supplier is ready with all the required information and business documents. In order to complete registration process, suppliers will be requested to:

  1. provide complete and accurate bank details
  2. upload complete copies, in English, of legal and other supporting documents (e.g., business registration certificate, articles of incorporations, list of company officers)
  3. upload complete copies of company financial documents (e.g., audited financial statements for the past two years, annual reports)