fbpx Mission Statement - Institutional Procurement | Asian Development Bank

Procurement and Contracting: Guiding Principles

ADB procures goods and services necessary for institutional use and its various units at headquarters and field offices to support its operations. It procures its requirements at competitive market prices using the most appropriate procurement method.

With due consideration to economy and efficiency, ADB shall procure quality goods and/or services for its operations at the most competitive market prices available using the most competitive procurement method applicable and giving due regard to the reputation of the supplier or provider, promptness of delivery, terms of payment and availability of adequate warranty and servicing facilities, among others.


  • Ensure the ADB procures high quality goods and/or services for its institutional requirements.
  • Ensure every purchase represents good value for money to the ADB.
  • Ensure the ADB uses the most appropriate procurement methods with due consideration to competitiveness, fairness, and transparency.
  • Ensure all qualified suppliers are offered the opportunity to compete for ADB business.
  • Ensure the ADB and suppliers comply with contractual obligations.