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Documents on Consulting Services


Guidelines on the Use of Consultants by Asian Development Bank and Its Borrowers
This publication defines the policies and procedures of ADB for selecting, contracting, and monitoring consultants required for loan and technical assistance projects financed in whole or in part by loans from ADB, grants by ADB, or funds administered by ADB.



Guidance Note on Financial Proposal Evaluation (for Loans/Grants)

The Consulting Services Operations Manual and User's Guide for Submission Forms (Loans/Grants) are currently being revised.

Quick Reference Guides

Expression of Interest


Individual TA or Staff Consultant



Delegated technical assistance


Expression of Interest


Individual TA or Staff Consultant

Request for proposal

Harmonized Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Recruitment of Consulting Firms

Updated 12 August 2013 to revise the SRFP. The template follows the new Harmonized RFP. The Summary and Personnel Evaluation Sheets from part of the ADB RFP. Template for Small Assignment Contracts is to be used for smaller value assignments under monetary thresholds set down by ADB from time to time.

Documents for Executing Agencies


Individual Consultant

Contract variation

Preparation and submission of TA monthly reports and claims for payment

With a view to expediting payments to consultants, the Bank has revised the procedures for preparation and submission of the TA Monthly Reports and claims for payment through a new form entitled 'Monthly Report" form. The revised form should be prepared monthly and forwarded to the following address:

Director, (Project Division)
Asian Development Bank 6 ADB Avenue 
Mandaluyong City 1550
Metro Manila, Philippines

Consultant's compliance with the new procedures will enable the Bank to expedite the payment of claims. Claims should be restricted to the approved contract budget limits and requests for contract variations should be kept to a minimum.