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Meet Our People

Women of ADB

It is a good time for women to join the Asian Development Bank—its business is growing, it promotes gender balance and provides family friendly work environment. We invite you to get to know some ADB women as they share their stories in the following videos. 

"I'm Every Woman"

Making a difference in the world doesn’t have to be a choice between a successful profession or a fulfilling personal life. Women working at ADB, who share many of the same personal circumstances as others around the world, are given the benefits and opportunities they need to have both meaningful careers and rewarding personal lives. “I’m Every Woman” tells the stories of professional women working at ADB’s headquarters in Manila and in its 27 offices across Asia and the Pacific. 

ADB: A great place for women who want to make a difference in the world.


More profiles of ADB staff

We take pride in our highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, and motivated employees. At ADB, economists, engineers, lawyers, accountants, administrators, editors, statisticians, agriculturists, and various specialists with expertise and experience in different sectors of development come together to fight poverty in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Eleonora WindischSouth Asia DepartmentEleonora

    When the opportunity arose to work for the Asian Development Bank in 2004, I embraced it as it provided me with an opportunity to marry my personal interests with a compelling mission and cause.

  • Kelly HewittOffice of the Vice President (Administration and Corporate Management)Kelly

    If you have innovative ideas and knowledge that can improve the lives of many and you want to work at a place where knowledge and ideas matter, then you must join ADB.

  • Martina TonizzoPrivate Sector Operations DepartmentMartina

    ADB is unique in being a multilateral development bank that hosts public and private sector operations under the same roof.

  • Hisaka KimuraPrivate Sector Operations DepartmentHisaka

    I’m making my dreams come true at ADB. When I joined ADB there were no private sector clean energy projects in the PRC. Over the past 6 years, thanks to strong support from the management and team, we built a wide variety of green projects in the PRC.

  • Marzia LorenzoEast Asia DepartmentMarzia

    Because of the passion and motivation that inspire me to work with ADB, I derive a lot of satisfaction from my job. I really believe in the overall objective of ADB of poverty reduction and improvement of lives of people in Asia.

  • AyakoSoutheast Asia DepartmentAyako

    By working with the clients, I learned how to understand and match their needs with what ADB can do as a lending agency. At the same time, I'm learning a lot from my colleagues. So it helps me grow everyday as a development professional.