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Kelly - Senior Advisor to the Vice President (Administration and Corporate Management)

Kelly Hewitt
Kelly Hewitt, Senior Advisor to the Vice President (Administration and Corporate Management)

What made you join ADB?

I'm an optimistic realist. I believe that individual lives can be improved with focused joint effort, that we are globally interconnected, and that the challenge of one group of people is not to be borne in isolation or solitude. International development in its rawest essence captures this and more. As both a bank and an international development institution, ADB aims to improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable in Asia and the Pacific. ADB, and the people whom the bank serves, are diverse in nationality, ethnicity, and geography. I joined ADB because I wholeheartedly embrace its mission.

What do you enjoy about working at ADB?

I enjoy working at ADB because of the importance it places on knowledge. As a top tier knowledge institution, ADB provides continuous training and learning to its staff. Each ADB work day presents staff with the opportunity to apply knowledge and appropriately choose optimal instruments that support our clients in meeting a myriad of development challenges. ADB as a banking institution offers loans, grants, equity, guarantees, technical assistance, and transaction advisory services. Its knowledge base is solid and its fiduciary responsibilities are steadfast.

Kelly Hewitt
Kelly on an ADB mission to Sri Lanka

Kelly Hewitt
Attending a workshop on mitigating unconscious bias in the workplace

What makes ADB a great place to work?

ADB’s people make it a great place to work. They are your team members, mentors, co-leads, and community of knowledgeable practitioners. It is a place where life-long friendships are forged.

What advice would you give to prospective candidates?

If you have innovative ideas and knowledge that can improve the lives of many and you want to work at a place where knowledge and ideas matter, where action delivers effective results, where the desire to improve lives matters, and where the vulnerable are the primary concern, then you must join ADB.

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