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What We Offer

We offer competitive remuneration and a comprehensive benefits package that includes worldwide medical insurance cover for staff and dependents, life and disability insurance, leave, benefits for contingent events, and retirement benefits. Additional benefits may be provided to international staff if they meet the eligibility criteria for the particular benefit.

Initial staff appointments to ADB under a standard fixed term appointment are usually for 3 years, which may be extended or converted to regular employment given satisfactory performance and the continued need for particular skills. Other types of appointments such as the fixed term appointment for International Staff at Levels 9 and 10, and special fixed term appointment are not converted to regular appointments.


Compensation for all ADB staff is “market-driven”, with reference to the appropriate global or local market from which a specific position is recruited. Salaries are determined according to the level of responsibility of the jobs and are reviewed annually to ensure that ADB’s compensation remains competitive.

For international staff positions, salary is set with reference to the global market for equivalent jobs. It is denominated in US dollars and is generally tax-exempt for most member country nationals.

For local staff (national staff and administrative staff) positions in headquarters and field offices, salary is set with reference to the appropriate local market for equivalent jobs. It is usually paid in local currency and may be tax-exempt based on the host country agreement. There are 7 administrative staff job levels and 7 national staff (or local professional) job levels. ADB offers a comprehensive compensation package to national staff and administrative staff (NS/AS) that is designed to be locally competitive.


Medical and health benefits - We provide medical insurance and health services to staff and their eligible dependents.

Life and disability plans - We provide life insurance, accidental death and disability insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

Leave and holidays - We provide 26 vacation (annual leave) days, 15 sick leave days and observe 10 holidays each calendar year.

Benefits for contingent events - We provide staff with benefits or assistance for unforeseen events. These include a multipurpose loan facility with a loan limit of 3 to 15 months’ of annual salary; reimbursement of travel costs outside the duty station in the event of death of a parent, parent-in-law, spouse/domestic partner or child; medical emergency and medical evacuation services.

Retirement benefits - We provide staff that leave service and meet the eligibility conditions with a basic lifetime pension in the event of normal, early, or incapacity retirement; a lump sum payment if not eligible for pension; and survivor benefits for eligible dependents or beneficiaries in the event of the participant's death. Staff may also make voluntary contributions which earn a guaranteed rate of return to augment their basic lifetime pension.

Other benefits for International Staff - In addition to the benefits listed above (health and medical, life and disability, leave, benefits for contingent events, and retirement benefits), international staff may also be provided the following benefits if they meet the eligibility criteria for the particular benefit.

Relocation assistance - We provide travel and shipping allowances to international staff joining ADB from outside the duty station location to assist with their relocation expenses. We also assist staff in obtaining the necessary visas.

Installation allowance - We provide staff with an installation allowance to defray other costs associated with relocation.

Rental allowance - We provide rental allowance/assistance to help international staff meet the cost of renting an accommodation. Rental allowance will not be provided to a staff if he/she or his/her spouse/domestic partner owns property within a 50-km radius of the ADB office.

Education assistance and education travel - We provide education assistance for up to three eligible dependent children of expatriate international staff. Education travel is provided only if the child is studying outside the staff's duty station country.

Home country travel and allowance - We provide home country travel annually to expatriate international staff and their eligible dependents. Dependent children who are receiving education travel are not eligible for home country travel benefits.

Learning and development

We make learning and development an integral part of your ADB career through challenging assignments, coaching, mentoring, and providing in-house and external learning opportunities. Our staff have access to various learning opportunities that strengthen and update their technical and professional expertise and personal development.