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Workplace and Environment

ADB’s headquarters is in Manila, Philippines. It has 68 members, including 49 from the Asia-Pacific region. As ADB’s operations grow, our presence has expanded to 31 country offices, which includes three representative offices in Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Washington, DC. About 25% of ADB’s staff are based in country offices.

Work-life balance

ADB promotes the use of flexible work practices to support the well-being of its staff while enhancing productivity in delivering ADB’s mission. This includes flexible work hours and occasional work from home within and outside duty station. To further support women in achieving work/life balance, ADB has a mother room in its headquarters available for nursing mothers.


Knowledge Hub
The Knowledge Hub in the ADB Headquarters promotes the meaning and purpose of knowledge products and services to clients within and outside ADB. © ADB

The following facilities are available in headquarters:

  • Library and Learning Resources Center - ADB's library houses an up-to-date collection of references including books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, journals and documents. Multimedia stations are also available for training on specific topics.
  • Banking and payment services - There are several commercial banks and a bill payment service available to staff and dependents.
  • Clubs and recreation - There are more than 20 sports, hobby, and recreation clubs that staff may join.
  • Other facilities - Medical and dental retainer clinics, post office, pharmacy, insurance brokers, notarization services, travel agencies, laundry and dry cleaning services, bookshop and convenience store are also available inside ADB premises. In addition, there is a commissary and gas station for expatriates.