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Cofinancing Partnerships: Contacts

Cofinancing Inquiries

General inquiries on cofinancing partnerships

Office of Cofinancing Operations


Tatsuya KANAI (Mr)
Senior Advisor

Business and Management Support

General management support, optimization of processes and procedures, and capacity-building programs and events

Toshimasa DOJIMA (Mr)
Principal Financing Partnerships Specialist

Senior Financing Partnerships Specialist

Partners Team

Negotiation of trust funds, financing partnership facilities, and cofinancing agreements; administration of global funding initiatives which ADB participates in

Partner Name Partner Type Contact
ASEAN Infrastructure Fund Multilateral Rikard Elfving
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Multilateral Saad Paracha
Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) Multilateral Batir Mirbabaev
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Multilateral Rikard Elfving
European Investment Bank (EIB) Multilateral Rikard Elfving
European Union (EU) Multilateral Ilaria Caetani
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Multilateral Ilaria Caetani
Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Multilateral Saad Paracha
Nordic Development Fund (NDF) Multilateral Rikard Elfving
Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) Multilateral Rikard Elfving
OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Multilateral Saad Paracha
United Nations (UN) Multilateral Ilaria Caetani
World Bank Group Multilateral Ilaria Caetani
Australia Bilateral Ilaria Caetani
Austria Bilateral Wooseok Kang
Belgium Bilateral Wooseok Kang
Brunei Darussalam Bilateral Wooseok Kang
Canada Bilateral Ilaria Caetani
China, People's Republic of Bilateral Saad Paracha
Denmark Bilateral Wooseok Kang
Finland Bilateral Rikard Elfving
France Bilateral Saad Paracha
Germany Bilateral Rikard Elfving
Hong Kong, China Bilateral Saad Paracha
India Bilateral Ilaria Caetani
Ireland Bilateral Rikard Elfving
Italy Bilateral Wooseok Kang
Japan Bilateral Takeshi Koike
Korea, Republic of Bilateral Wooseok Kang
Kuwait Bilateral Saad Paracha
Luxembourg Bilateral Wooseok Kang
The Netherlands Bilateral Rikard Elfving
New Zealand Bilateral Ilaria Caetani
Norway Bilateral Rikard Elfving
Portugal Bilateral Rikard Elfving
Saudi Arabia Bilateral Saad Paracha
Singapore Bilateral Wooseok Kang
Spain Bilateral Rikard Elfving
Sweden Bilateral Batir Mirbabaev
Switzerland Bilateral Rikard Elfving
Taipei,China Bilateral Saad Paracha
United Arab Emirates Bilateral Saad Paracha
United Kingdom Bilateral Rikard Elfving
United States Bilateral Ilaria Caetani
Uzbekistan Bilateral Rikard Elfving