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Why Partner with ADB

Partnering with ADB allows donors to participate in the economic and social development of the world’s fastest growing region. With a presence in 49 developing member countries (DMCs) in Asia and the Pacific, ADB’s breadth in operations adds value to programs cofinanced with partners. Founded in 1966, ADB has a deep understanding of the region and its needs, as well as close and tested relationships with its DMCs.

ADB as implementation partner

Partners need not deploy their staff to negotiate, design, or implement an assistance project or program. ADB, the region’s premier development bank, offers full or partial administration of assistance.
Partners can rely on ADB’s due diligence process for project processing, lower their transaction costs, and receive transparent reporting on the progress and development impact of projects and programs.
Established policies address environmental and social impacts and risks, and ensure transparency and fairness.

ADB as a knowledge expert

ADB’s knowledge of DMCs and their development priorities is reflected in its long-term approach to development projects and programs in countries.
ADB, in consultation with many stakeholders, follows country planning documents in the countries and subregions in which it works.
ADB brings over 40 years of accumulated experience in implementing projects across multiple sectors and thematic issues of strategic importance to the region.

ADB as resource partner

Partners can tap into ADB’s existing portfolio of large-scale investment projects in the pipeline.
ADB provides nonbinding collaboration opportunities to scale up and promote local, national, and regional development projects and programs.
Framework agreements allow ADB and its partners to pool resources and to develop a common project pipeline, making cofinancing more systematic and predictable.

ADB as catalyst

ADB uses its convening power to catalyze and coordinate action on development challenges while creating synergies among various public and private development initiatives.
Partnering with ADB facilitates donor coordination and avoids duplication of efforts. All of ADB’s partnership activities are aligned with a single goal: to deliver meaningful results for those in need.

Areas of partnership

Donor support is particularly welcome in ADB’s five core sectors of operations. Many of ADB’s planned investment programs, which are guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, are in line with donor priorities and would benefit from additional technical assistance and investment funding from external development partners.

ADB’s other areas of focus are: