Access to Information Policy | Asian Development Bank

Access to Information Policy

The Public Communications Policy (PCP) governed ADB’s sharing of information and documents with stakeholders from April 2012 to December 2018. The PCP, which used a rules-based approach, had a presumption in favor of disclosure and provided for proactively disclosing information and responding to information requests on a timely basis. The policy required ADB to conduct a comprehensive policy review within 5 years of its implementation.

ADB conducted the review from 2016 to 2017. In 2018, it proposed a principles-based policy, led by an overarching principle of “clear, timely, and appropriate disclosure”. The Board of Directors approved the new Access to Information Policy (AIP) in September 2018, and it went into effect 1 January 2019. The name of the policy was changed to reflect the more focused information disclosure and information provision objectives of the policy.

The AIP focuses on the following principles of sharing information:

  • Clear, timely, and appropriate disclosure
  • Presumption in favor of disclosure
  • Limited exceptions
  • Proactive disclosure
  • Sharing of information and ideas
  • Providing information to project-affected people and other stakeholders
  • Country and client ownership
  • Clear appeals process
  • Continuous monitoring

ADB's policy ensures that information is available to people affected by its projects and other stakeholders, including women, the poor, and other vulnerable groups. This information is provided in a form and language they can understand and is disclosed early enough for them to provide meaningful inputs into project design and implementation.