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Public Communications Policy Review

ADB is reviewing its Public Communications Policy (PCP) which governs the release of ADB information and documents to external stakeholders. The PCP became effective on 2 April 2012 and mandates ADB to conduct a comprehensive review no later than 5 years from the effective date of the PCP.

The ultimate goal of the review is to assess policy implementation and give interested stakeholders the opportunity to help improve the effectiveness of the PCP.

The second consultation drafts of the policy and implementation arrangements (previously referred to as staff instructions) are now available for comment. These drafts considered feedback from the internal and external consultations held in 2016 and 2017 on the first consultation drafts.

Comments on the second drafts may be submitted to   [email protected] by 2 April 2018. Comments may also be sent by post mail to:

Asian Development Bank
Public Information and Disclosure Unit
Department of Communications
P.O. Box 789
0980 Manila, Philippines

Comments received will be posted on the ADB website including ADB’s response to key comments. Unless otherwise indicated, the affiliation of the sender will be included. Please note if you would like to remain anonymous. ADB will acknowledge comments received and will strive to respond to queries within a reasonable period.


Description Target Date
PCP review launch on ADB website

Nov 2016

Consultations, including face-to-face consultations in select member countries, internal review, and request for comments on the consultation draft Dec 2016 – July 2017
Preparation of revised policy draft Q3-Q4 2017
Posting of revised policy (2nd consultation draft) for public comments March 2018
Revised draft policy (W-paper) for Board consideration and simultaneous posting on ADB website for comments Q2 2018
Preparation of final policy Q2 2018
Final policy for Board consideration Q3/Q4 2018
Effectivity date of new policy 3 months after approval of new policy