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Capacity Development

IED puts a premium on results and helps its developing member countries to manage for that. Strong national and sector monitoring and evaluation systems are necessary to assess efforts to reduce poverty, and to demonstrate results. They are an avenue for improving performance in terms of the quality, quantity, and targeting of goods and services. They also enrich the quality of ADB's own monitoring and evaluation.

For 2018, IED have the following planned activities:

Dates Events Location
6–9 March Evaluation training with the Thailand NEDA and TICA Bangkok, Thailand
15–18 May South Asia evaluation hub training Colombo, Sri Lanka
21–24 May Evaluation training India
3 July Evaluation training (in conjunction with the 2018 Evaluation Event) Seoul, Korea
10-15 September 2018 Asian Evaluation Week Chengdu, People's Republic of China
5-16 November 2018 Shanghai Program for Development Evaluation Training (SHIPDET)

Shanghai, People's Republic of China