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Capacity Development

ADB puts a premium on results and helps its developing member countries (DMCs) to manage for that. Strong national and sector monitoring and evaluation systems are necessary to assess efforts to reduce poverty, and to demonstrate results. They are an avenue for improving performance in terms of the quality, quantity, and targeting of goods and services. They also enrich the quality of ADB's own monitoring and evaluation.


With evaluation capacity development (ECD) as a mandate, the Independent Evaluation Department (IED) has been undertaking the following activities:

  • supporting government officials from ADB's DMCs to attend the Shanghai International Program for Development Evaluation Training (SHIPDET), a 2-week M&E training course co-sponsored by ADB, the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Finance and the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center, and the World Bank
  • contributing to the multidonor-funded CLEAR (Regional Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results) Program for supporting an M&E regional center in South Asia
  • carrying out a comparative study on M&E systems and capacities across different countries (i.e., People's Republic of China, Malaysia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka), the findings and recommendations of which coincided with requests from some DMCs for IED to provide on-the-job training to help strengthen M&E capacities

Ongoing projects

Evaluation Capacity Development Through PCR/TCR Preparation (Self-Evaluation Training)

Through this TA, IED will provide training to familiarize government officials in selected DMCs with the principles of evaluation, guidelines in preparing PCRs (based on IED's PPER guidelines); to enable them to conduct evidence-based self-evaluation and prepare good quality PCRs.  

Supporting Evaluation Capacity Development and Networking in Selected DMCs

To help build on gains achieved from IED's recently-completed Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) technical assistance (TA) project, this TA aims to further support ECD in results-based M&E and related networking and knowledge sharing activities in selected DMCs, mainly in the same GMS DMCs (Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, and Viet Nam). This also complements IED's ongoing projects, listed below.

Capacity Development in Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation for Countries under the Asian Development Bank's Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program

This project aims to improve M&E capacity of a number of government officials from countries under ADB's Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program by supporting them to attend SHIPDET

Evaluation Capacity Development Through On-the-Job Training at the Independent Evaluation Department

This project aims to institutionalize results-based M&E and increase the quality of self-evaluatoin reports at executing agencies of ADB developing member countries by providing on-the-job training for up to five months per government official at the Independent Evaluation Department.