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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

About the Independent Evaluation Department


Recognized as an influential authority on accountability and evaluation knowledge driven by the principles of impact, excellence, and teamwork. 



Originally known as the Post-Evaluation Office, the Independent Evaluation Department (IED) was established in 1978 to evaluate ADB operations. Over the years, IED has undergone several organizational changes, culminating in the establishment, on 1 January 2004, of an independent department reporting to the Board of Directors through the Development Effectiveness Committee (DEC). In 2008, about 5 years after IED became independent, a further review of IED’s independence and effectiveness was undertaken. Following the 2008 review, OED was renamed the Independent Evaluation Department (IED) to reflect its enhanced independent status. IED’s current functions, priorities, and procedures are embodied in the provisions of the 2008 Board paper on the review of the independence and effectiveness of OED.



The Board appoints IED's Director General upon the recommendation of the DEC, in consultation with the ADB President. ADB's Management responds to evaluation findings and recommendations. ADB Management's responses and the DEC Chair's Summaries of Discussions are appended to evaluation reports and disclosed as they become available.

Avoiding of conflict of interest


To avoid conflict of interest, IED evaluators and management exclude themselves from evaluating or approving a report on any project/program/activity/entity that they worked on, appraised, or had decision-making or approval responsibility for in a previous capacity, or when they expect to have such involvement in the future. Similar care is also taken in the selection of consultants.