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Independent Evaluation

In the Spotlight

  • 2018 Annual Evaluation Review

    The 2018 Annual Evaluation Review reviews ADB’s progress in operationalizing its strategic agendas and drivers of change by summarizing the results of ADB’s interventions in these areas based on recent corporate and thematic evaluations. 

  • Results-Based Lending at the Asian Development Bank: An Early Assessment

    This evaluation assesses ADB's experience in piloting results-based lending instrument and to identify key issues and lessons. It provides recommendations to improve operations, enable this new instrument to be mainstreamed, and enhance its potential to add value to its member countries and to ADB itself. 

  • Lessons from Country Partnership Evaluation: A Retrospective

    This paper identifies key lessons to help ADB improve the implementation and effectiveness of its country programs and to increase understanding of the role of country partnership strategy in ensuring development effectiveness.

  • Independent Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank: A Self-Evaluation

    The self-evaluation has been undertaken to take stock of the relevance and effectiveness of IED’s evaluation products and processes, and to identify opportunities to enhance the quality and influence of the evaluations and strengthen IED’s effectiveness and impact. 

  • Thematic Evaluation on ADB Support for Gender and Development

    This evaluation of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) support for gender and development (GAD) examined the relevance and results of ADB’s gender priorities at the corporate, country, and project levels during 2005–2015.

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) independently and systematically evaluates ADB policies, strategies, operations, and special concerns that relate to organizational and operational effectiveness. By doing so, it contributes to achieving development effectiveness of ADB operations by providing evaluation feedback on performance, and generating and disseminating evaluation lessons.

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