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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

Collaborations and Networks

The Independent Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank initiates and participates in a number of knowledge-sharing platforms to promote collaboration and networks in development evaluation.

Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG)

The ECG was established by the heads of evaluation of multilateral development banks in 1996, with the Independent Evaluation Department of ADB as a founding member. ECG's mandate focuses on harmonization of evaluation principles, standards, and practices to allow better comparability of results, taking into account the differing circumstances of its member institutions.

Monitoring and Evaluation Community of Practice (M&E CoP)

The Monitoring and Evaluation Community of Practice (M&E CoP) aims to promote knowledge sharing for monitoring and evaluation in the Asia and Pacific region, with an initial focus on the Greater Mekong Subregion. This platform is for ADB staff, and staff of evaluation offices/units, executing agencies, and implementing agencies in developing member countries of ADB.

The Clear Initiative

CLEAR (Regional Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results) is a multiregional initiative whose goal is to contribute to strengthening the monitoring, evaluation, and results-based management capacity of countries and their governments to achieve development outcomes.