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Japan Special Fund

What is the Japan Special Fund?

The Japan Special Fund was established in 1988. The fund supports ADB's technical assistance program with untied grants that ADB administers. It helps ADB developing member countries (DMCs) restructure their economies in response to the changing global environment, broaden their opportunities for new investment, and prepare loan projects.

What are the priorities?

The fund places particular emphasis on

  • industrialization
  • natural resource development
  • human resource development
  • technology transfer

What kind of activities are eligible for grants?

The Japan Special Fund supports project preparatory, capacity development, policy and advisory, and research and development technical assistance.

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Who is eligible to receive grants?

All ADB DMCs are eligible for grants.

Who supports the fund?

As of 31 December 2014, Japan’s cumulative contribution to the fund since its inception in 1988 amounted to ¥112.9 billion ($973.7 million equivalent).