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In the Spotlight

  • Helping Cambodia Transition to Cleaner Energy

    A transition to clean energy such as solar can help Cambodia address some of its development challenges.

    The Asian Development Bank is a key enabler of this transformation. It is mobilizing financing from the public and private sectors to help Cambodia adopt solar energy.

  • Indonesia’s Low Carbon Future: Landmark Geothermal Power Projects

    ADB, through the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), and its private sector partners are supporting three landmark geothermal power projects in North, South and West Sumatra. These energy projects demonstrate how private sector investment can drive geothermal energy development.

  • Partnering for Development: Donor Report 2017

    In 2017, ADB’s operations reached $32.22 billion. Its own commitment of $20.09 billion for loans, grants and investments, and $201 million for technical assistance, leveraged $11.92 billion in cofinancing.

  • Study with the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program

    The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program is open to citizens of eligible ADB borrowing member countries and accepts around 150 students a year in 29 universities. The program could be the helping hand you need to further your studies!

Most of ADB's lending comes from its ordinary capital resources, offered at near-market terms to lower- to middle-income countries, and beginning in 2017, at very low interest rates to lower income countries. ADB also provides loans and grants from Special Funds, of which the Asian Development Fund is the largest. The Asian Development Fund offers grants that help reduce poverty in ADB's poorest borrowing countries.

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