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ADB's Code of Conduct

ADB's Code of Conduct provides its staff with guidance on adhering at all times to the highest standards of integrity, as well as ethical and respectful conduct. It supports the right of staff to work in an environment free from inappropriate behavior, misconduct, harassment, and bullying. 

The Code of Conduct applies to the following: 

  • All ADB staff
  • Anyone who has signed a letter of appointment or other agreement to join ADB
  • Former ADB staff
  • Anyone whose letter of appointment, contract, renewal or other agreement requires that they comply with the Code of Conduct or any part of it. 

"Every staff member should act in a manner that is consistent with the code in all matters relating to ADB. Staff are expected to conform with the requirements of the code, to avoid conflicts of interest and to bear in mind their responsibility as representatives of ADB,"  ADB President Takehiko Nakao in a letter to staff, 31 March 2017."

Since its establishment, ADB has been committed to a culture of integrity, responsibility, accountability and mutual respect. While these principles remain constant, the Code of Conduct is occasionally updated to improve on clarity, to respond to staff concerns, and to ensure it continues to reflect best practice. 

Read ADB's Administrative Order 2.02 - Code of Conduct.