Report Fraud or Corruption

Contact the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity to report concerns or evidence that corruption, fraud, coercion, collusion, abuse, conflict of interest, or obstructive practice may have occurred or is occurring in any ADB-related activity.

Information concerning the identity of a complainant is strictly controlled and will not be released to other ADB staff or to anyone outside ADB without the consent of the complainant.

If you wish to report concerns, please:

You should tell us:

  • Who committed the integrity violation? Who else was implicated? Who else might have been involved?
  • What happened? Describe the events fully and using as much relevant details as possible.
  • When did it happen? Provide dates, time, and how many times.
  • Where did it happen? Include not only the city and country, but, if possible, and actual address, the name of the building, the office number.
  • How does your allegation relate to ADB business? Were ADB staff involved?

ADB offers whistleblower and witness protection.