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Benchmark Bond Issues

ADB pursues a strategy of issuing liquid benchmark bonds to maintain its presence in key currency bond markets. ADB has issued consistently in the US dollar global bond market, launching a bond issue at least once per year since 1994. ADB’s global bonds are issued using a price discovery process to reach the broadest possible range of investors, both by investor type and by geography.

A large, globally dispersed inventory of ADB bonds helps maintain high levels of secondary market liquidity in each issue.

As of 14 November 2017, ADB has over US$58 billion outstanding in US dollar-denominated public offerings.

Outstanding US dollar global bonds and public offerings

ADB has maintained a consistent presence in the Kangaroo market since 2006 with at least one issuance per year. As of 14 November 2017, ADB has A$9.8 billion principal outstanding.

Year to date, ADB has issued about A$2.5 billion in Kangaroo bonds.

Outstanding Australian dollar public bonds

ADB has also issued public offerings in other denominations such as Brazilian real, Canadian dollar, euro, Indian rupee, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Philippine peso, Pound sterling, PRC yuan, Singapore dollar, Swiss franc, and Thai baht.

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