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ADB Water Bonds

ADB has issued more than $1.5 billion equivalent in water bonds since 2010. Proceeds raised through these bonds will be used for various water-related projects in Asia and the Pacific.

The implementation of ADB’s Water Financing Program, guided by the Water Operational Plan (2011-2020) priority thrusts, is on track for the annual investment target. The merger of the Asian Development Fund with its ordinary capital resources balance sheet boosts ADB’s financial capacity to support the investment needs of its developing member countries, including in the water sector. This provides additional resources to increase the Water Financing Program annual lending starting in 2017.

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Sample water projects

Viet Nam: Urban Environment and Climate Change Adaptation Project

Sector Classification: Water and other urban infrastructure and services
Project Term: 2015-2023
ADB Ordinary Capital Resources Regular Loan: $100 million
Project Summary:
The project will improve the urban environment and climate resilience of Dong Hoi and Hoi An cities suffering from infrastructure gaps, pollution problems, and exposure to natural disasters along the country’s vulnerable North Central and South Central coastal regions.
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China, People’s Republic of: Henan Hebi Qihe River Environmental Improvement and Ecological Conservation Project

Sector Classification: Agriculture, natural resources and rural development-Rural flood protection-Water-based natural resources management
Project Term: 2016-2022
Total ADB Ordinary Capital Resources Regular Loan: $150 million
Project Summary:
The project area encompasses counties, districts, towns and townships in northern Henan Province, with a large section of the river passing through Hebi City, which has a population of 1.6 million people. About 435,000 people will benefit, including about 5% classified as poor, with opportunities for local communities to participate in environmental awareness campaigns, wetland protection and solid waste management.
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