Civil Society Focal Points: Contacts

NGO and Civil Society Center

Asian Development Bank 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550, Metro Manila, Philippines   +632 632 6524   +632 636 2444   E-mail

NGO and Civil Society Contacts in Private Sector Operations

Ms. Joyce Munsayac Safeguards Specialist   E-mail
Ms. Marife Principe Social Development Specialist (Safeguards) (Alternate)   E-mail

NGO and Civil Society Contacts in ADB's Country Offices

Armenia Resident Mission (ARMM)
Ms. Nina Nikolay Avetisyan Senior Project Assistant   E-mail
Azerbaijan Resident Mission (AZRM)
Ms. Yagut Iltifat Ertenliche   E-mail
Bangladesh Resident Mission (BRM)
Mr. Gobinda Bar Senior External Relations Officer   E-mail
Cambodia Resident Mission (CARM)
Mr. Chanthou Hem Senior Project Assistant   E-mail
People's Republic of China Resident Mission (PRCM) [中文]
Ms. Irene Bain Social Sector Specialist   E-mail
Georgia Resident Mission (GRM)
Ms. Natalia Nikuradze Operations Assistant   E-mail
India Resident Mission (INRM)
Mr. Rajesh K. Deol Senior External Relations Officer   E-mail
Indonesia Resident Mission (IRM) [Bahasa Indonesia]
Mr. Cahyadi Indrananto External Relations Officer   E-mail
Ms. Wiwik Istiawati Senior Operations Assistant (Alternate)   E-mail
Kazakhstan Resident Mission (KARM) [Русский]
Ms. Asem Chakenova Associate Project Officer (Infrastructure)   E-mail
Ms. Aliya Ibadildina Associate External Relations Officer (Alternate)   E-mail
Kyrgyz Republic Resident Mission (KYRM)
Mr. Mamatkalil Razaev Project Officer   E-mail
Lao PDR Resident Mission (LRM)
Ms. Souphavanh Phonmany (Pack) External Relations Coordinator   E-mail
Mongolia Resident Mission (MNRM)
Ms. Itgel Lonjid Senior Social Sector Officer   E-mail
Nepal Resident Mission (NRM)
Ms. Binita Shah Khadka Senior External Relations Officer   E-mail
Pakistan Resident Mission (PRM)
Mr. Munir Abro Senior Project Officer (Health and Rural Development)   E-mail
Papua New Guinea Resident Mission (PNRM)
Mr. Jack Stanley Safeguards Officer (Main)   E-mail
Ms. Ganiga Ganiga Senior Project Officer (Alternate)   E-mail
Ms. Grace Korua Associate Project Analyst (Alternate)   E-mai
Sri Lanka Resident Mission (SLRM)
Ms. Nelun Gunasekera Senior Social Development Officer (Gender)   E-mail
Tajikistan Resident Mission (TJRM)
Ms. Tatiana Evstifeeva External Relations Analyst   E-mail
Mr. Farrukh Nuriddinov Senior Project Officer (Alternate)   E-mail
Thailand Resident Mission (TRM)
Ms. Roykaew Nitithanprapas External Relations Officer   E-mail
Ms. Pornvarin Vichitvejpaisal (Eve) Operations Assistant (Alternate)   E-mail
Timor-Leste Resident Mission (TLRM)
Ms. Elsty Davidz-Morato Social Development Officer (Gender)   E-mail
Turkmenistan Resident Mission (TKRM)
Ms. Jennet Hojanazarova Senior Economics Officer   E-mail
Uzbekistan Resident Mission (URM)
Ms. Mekhri Khudayberdiyeva Senior Social Sector Officer (Gender)   E-mail

NGO and Civil Society Contacts in ADB's Regional Departments and Representative Offices

Central and West Asia Department (CWRD) HQ
Ms. Anne M. Witheford Senior Institutional Coordination Specialist   E-mail
Ms. Zehra Abbas Environment Specialist (Alternate)   E-mail
East Asia Department (EARD) HQ
Ms. Madhumita Gupta Principal Safeguard Specialist (Resettlement)   E-mail
Japan Representative Office (JRO) [日本語]
Ms. Akiko Mochizuki External Relations Officer   E-mail
North American Representative Office (NARO)
Ms. Natsuki K. Tyler Associate Administration and Communications Coordinator   E-mail
Pacific Department (PARD) HQ
Ms. Ninebeth Carandang Social Development Specialist   E-mail
Pacific Liaison and Coordination Office (PLCO)
Ms. Sally Shute-Trembath External Relations Officer   E-mail
Pacific Subregional Office (SPSO)
Ms. Sivou Beatrice Olsson Country Coordination Officer (Gender)   E-mail
South Asia Department (SARD) HQ
Mr. Francesco Tornieri Senior Social Development Specialist (Gender and Development)   E-mail
Southeast Asia Department (SERD) HQ
Ms. Lainie Thomas Social Development Specialist (Civil Society and Participation)   E-mai