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ADB and Civil Society: FAQs

ADB works with civil society organizations (CSOs) which include NGOs, but also other types of groups such as trade unions, faith-based groups, and professional organizations. ADB-CSO cooperation can be summed up by these activities:

  • On the policy and strategy level: soliciting CSO views on ADB policy formulation
  • On the country level: consultation on country strategies
  • On the project level: collaborating on project identification, design, implementation, and monitoring of ADB-financed projects

ADB recognizes CSOs as development actors in their own right whose efforts complement those of governments and the private sector, and who play a significant role in development in Asia and the Pacific. In the context of ADB's long-term strategic framework, Strategy 2020, partnerships with a range of organizations, including CSO, will become increasingly central to planning, financing, implementing, and evaluating ADB projects.

ADB’s NGO policy paper, Cooperation between Asian Development Bank and Nongovernment Organizations, provides a specific framework for action with NGOs.

As a rule, ADB works through the governments of its developing member countries and does not provide funds directly to CSOs. However, CSOs often apply for and are awarded contracts for components of projects and technical assistance activities. ADB’s Business Opportunities page provides information on proposed projects and contract awards.

From time to time, ADB opens different funds to CSOs. Currently only the Pilot and Demonstration Activities of the Cooperation Fund for the Water Sector is accepting applications from CSOs, but if new funds become available, they will be posted on the website of the relevant sector.

Civil society organizations can work with ADB in a variety of ways. CSOs who work in areas similar to the projects and technical assistance activities that ADB is funding should coordinate with representatives of the host country government or ADB resident missions to identify other opportunities for collaboration.

Contact your local CSO anchor of ADB’s CSO Cooperation Network. For general questions about civil society, please contact the NGO and Civil Society Center at [email protected]