ADB's Focus on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

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  • What is ADB's Office of Public-Private Partnership?

    The Office of Public–Private Partnership (OPPP) was established in September 2014 to help deliver bankable PPP projects across developing Asia. Find out more about how the office works and why public-private partnerships are key to regional economic growth.

  • People's Republic of China: A Model Project Development Fund for Public-Private Partnerships

    This paper draws on the experience of countries in Asia in designing a model project development fund specifically for the People's Republic of China.

  • Asia-Pacific PPP Project Preparation Facility Launches Operations

    The Asia-Pacific Project Preparation Facility, a multi-donor trust fund managed by ADB to help developing Asia and the Pacific prepare, structure, and place bankable PPP projects in the market, launched its operations today.

  • How to fix PPP financing - Bruno Carrasco and Vivek Rao

    "Make in India" envisages the country growing to middle income status and beyond. But attracting investment in India will hinge on filling the sizable infrastructure investment gap, write ADB's Bruno Carrasco and Vivek Rao in this op-ed

Infrastructure needs in developing Asia and the Pacific will exceed $22.6 trillion through 2030. Available funding from traditional sources falls far short of the investment need. Public–private partnerships can play an important role in addressing this massive requirement. Involvement of the private sector has the potential to improve efficiency as well as asset and service quality.

To support public–private partnerships in the region, ADB has a dedicated team of advisors to assist both public sector clients and private sector sponsors across a wide range of sectors. ADB advises on project conceptualization, structuring, marketing, and negotiation while firmly rooting transactions on public policy imperatives.

ADB’s Office of Public–Private Partnership helps governments use the financing, efficiency and quality of the private sector for projects that benefit society. This includes providing transaction advisory services and a project preparation facility that helps governments, and their private sector partners, establish a pipeline of bankable PPP projects.