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Public Sector Financing: Contacts

Financial Products

Deepak TANEJA (Mr) Principal Treasury Specialist Treasury Client Solutions Unit   +63 2 8683 1549   E-mail



Loan Administration Division (CTLA)   +63 2 8683 4543  E-mail

Accounting and billing

For sovereign loans, nonsovereign loans, Complementary Financing Scheme (CFS) or B-Loan guarantee, and equity investment:

Loan and Treasury Accounting Section Accounting Division (CTAC-LTA)   +63 2 8683 4577    +63 2 8683 4551   E-mail

Client portals

Client Portal for Disbursements (CPD)

Only authorized users can access the system. Users can request access by completing registration and evidence of authorized persons forms. Borrowers can also request viewer access. Download the forms.  Borrowers and their executing and implementing agencies, can access the CPD through this link: https://cpd.adb.org.

CPD help desk   +63 2 8632 4422   E-mail

Loan and Grant Financial Information Services (LFIS)

The LFIS website is for borrowers/recipients and executing agencies. It provides online information on loans and grants basic data, summaries, status of withdrawal applications, contract ledgers, disbursement data and reports to internal and authorized external users. 

Visit the LFIS website.

Access requests for LFIS and other system-related issues may be addressed to:

System Support Group SectionController’s Department (CTAC-TFAE SSG)   +63 2 8632 4694   E-mail

Last updated 26 June 2017