Public Sector Financing: Publications

  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    Cambodia: Building Solid Physical and Social Infrastructure

    'Fetching water used to mean a two-kilometer walk and two hours out of the day for Kan Nheung. Since a well was built through the Tonle Sap Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project, the chore now only takes her a few minutes and has dramatically changed the lives of the women and children in her village.'
  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    Armenia: A Historic Country Reemerges

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been a key partner in supporting the development agenda of Armenia, as well as its economic growth and reform program. Armenia became a member of ADB in September 2005. Operations in the country are closely aligned with the government's priorities - as well as ADB's strengths - including promoting rural development, developing the private sector, and supporting enhanced regional cooperation. ADB's work in Armenia has been focused promoting inclusive economic growth.
  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    Тоҷикистон: Ба сўи пешрафт роҳ мекушояд

    Тоҷикистон бузургтарин саҳмдор - кишвари 25-ум дар миёни кишварҳои узви минтақа ва 33-ум дар саросари дунё мебошад. Муассисаи давлатии Тоҷикистон, ки бо корҳои БОР машғул аст, Дастгоҳи иҷроии президент мебошад. Миссияи муқими Тоҷикистон соли 2003 ифтитоҳ шуд ва пайванди ибтидоии амалиётиро миёни БОР ва ҳукумат, бахши хусусӣ ва саҳомдорони ҷомеаи шаҳрвандӣ дар фаъолиятҳои он дастгирӣ мекунад. Миссияи маҳаллии Тоҷикистон машғули муколимаҳои сиёсӣ аст ва ҳамчун пойгоҳи донишу иттилоот барои пешбурди масъалаҳо дар Тоҷикистон амал мекунад.
  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    Tajikistan: Rising Path to Progress

    'Like other farmers in the Sughd Region, Sohboi Dodoboev used to be so desperately short of water that his 75-hectare farm yielded only 25% of the normal crop quantity. The Agriculture Rehabilitation Project and floating pump stations today bring him all the water he needs and doubled income - enough to employ more poor farm workers.'
  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    The Heart of Development: Impact Stories from Cambodia - Khmer Translation

    Cambodia is a land rich in natural resources, people, and culture. As the country's largest multilateral development partner, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) works to promote inclusive growth in Cambodia, particularly in the poorest rural areas. This collection shows the benefits of ADB support across major areas of assistance, by telling the stories of people whose lives have been transformed.
  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    Mongolia: A Partnership Against Poverty

    ADB was one of the first international finance organizations to enter Mongolia when it embraced democracy in the early 1990s, and it is credited with being one of the pioneering development organizations that helped the country through this difficult transition. Today it is by far Mongolia's largest multilateral partner, with an ongoing loan and grant portfolio of more than $300 million. The recent country assistance program evaluation report on ADB's assistance in Mongolia rated the institution's work as successful.
  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    Georgia: A Country at an Ancient Crossroads Looks to the Future

    'More customers, access to piped water, and continually stocked shelves are just some of the benefits from the ADB-funded municipal improvements Nino Kurtanidze has witnessed as a teller at a local supermarket.' Amid a spectacular natural and cultural backdrop, Georgia has endured conflicts and hardships and is today addressing development challenges with a progressive, forward-looking development strategy.
  • 01 Nov 2010 | Publication

    Таджикистан: Прокладывая путь к развитию

    Таджикистан занимает 25 место среди крупнейших региональных акционеров АБР и 33 место среди крупнейших акционеров банка. Правительственным ведомством, ведающим делами АБР в Таджикистане, является Исполнительный аппарат Президента. Постоянное представительство АБР в Таджикистане было открыто в 2003г. Оно обеспечивает основную операционную связь между АБР и Правительством, частным сектором и гражданским обществом. Постоянное представительство участвует в политическом диалоге и выступает базой знаний по вопросам развития в Таджикистане.
  • 01 Sep 2010 | Publication

    Papua New Guinea: Building Solid Physical and Social Infrastructure

    'Thomas and Naumi Rum have doubled their income since an all-weather road in their village, Wagi, was constructed as part of an ADB project. The road enables them to bring and regularly sell their coffee beans, fruits and vegetables to the provincial capital, Mount Hagen. '
  • 01 Jul 2010 | Publication

    Freedom to Grow: Impact Stories from the Philippines

    To maximize its impact, ADB is partnering not only with government, but also with nongovernment organizations, and women's and ethnic minority groups to deliver income-generating activities, education and health facilities, potable water supplies, road transport in rural areas, clean energy resources, and development of lagging regions, particularly in southern Philippines, to have real, positive impacts on People's lives.