Results-Based Lending Midterm Review | Asian Development Bank

Results-Based Lending Midterm Review

ADB management carried out in 2016 a review to take stock of RBL policy’s 3-year implementation. The review examined the demand for the RBL modality, the sector and country distribution of operations; challenges faced by ADB staff and developing member countries; the issues discussed during the relevant management and board meetings; and emerging lessons and best practices from the first 3 years of RBL implementation. Read the information paper.

Consultations with stakeholders

The review required seeking views of internal and external stakeholders, including ADB staff, developing member countries, other multilateral development banks and bilateral donors, both RBL and non-RBL users.

  • February-April 2016Electronic surveys
    The surveys included users and non-users of RBL from ADB and developing member countries. Highlights of survey results
  • March 2016Field visits to RBL programs
    Consultations covered the two oldest and the two most recent approvals in one large, one middle and one small sized country spanning three ADB regions. The missions met with central and provincial level government officials, and executing agencies.
    1. Indonesia: Summary of the discussions
    2. People's Republic of China: Summary of the discussions
    3. Sri Lanka: Summary of the discussions
  • February-March 2016Discussion with other developing partners
    Consultations were held with World Bank, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, KfW, and France Development Agency.
  • January-March 2016Focus group discussions with ADB staff
    Discussions were focused on issues around fiduciary assessments; safeguards; legal agreements; RBL implementation; infrastructure; social sectors; and best practices. Summary of the discussions.