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Indigenous Peoples

Nearly three-quarters of the world’s indigenous peoples live in Asia and the Pacific. Their rights are increasingly threatened by development programs that could encroach on areas they traditionally own, occupy, use, or view as ancestral domain.

ADB’s indigenous peoples safeguards aim to ensure that the design and implementation of projects foster full respect for indigenous peoples’ identity, dignity, human rights, livelihood systems, and cultural uniqueness as defined by the indigenous peoples themselves so that they receive culturally appropriate social and economic benefits, are not harmed by the projects, and can participate actively in projects that affect them.

For a project with impacts on indigenous peoples, the Safeguard Polciy Statement (SPS) requires borrowers to carry out meaningful consultation and to prepare and implement an indigenous peoples plan. The plan includes measures to ensure that indigenous peoples benefit, and that adverse impacts are prevented, or where this is not possible, mitigated. The SPS requires that broad community support of affected indigenous peoples’ communities be ascertained for project activities to which indigenous peoples are deemed particularly vulnerable.

Assessment reports are required depending on the project's impact. See the Indigenous Peoples Safeguards Categories.

Indigenous people's planning documents


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Indigenous People's Planning Frameworks


Indigenous Peoples Planning Frameworks provide guidance on safeguard screening, assessment, institutional arrangements, and processes to be followed for subprojects or subsequent tranches that are prepared after Board approval. View documents

Indigenous Peoples Plans


Indigenous People's Plans are prepared for projects that will have impacts, positive or negative, on Indigenous Peoples. View documents

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Initial Poverty and Social Analysis (IPSA)

Initial Poverty and Social Assessment/Analysis (IPSA) identifies people who may be beneficially or adversely affected by a project. It determines the scope of poverty and the current state of social issues, such as consultation and participation, gender and development, and social safeguards and other social risks that will need to be addressed during project design. It is conducted for all ADB investment projects and programs.  View documents

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