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Trade Finance Program: Client Testimonials

The ADB’s Trade Finance Program allows us to have an access to a broad network of correspondent relationship and gives us a competitive advantage among other local banks who are not part of the ADB’s Trade Finance Program.

Chimidbaldir Galaazagraa
Senior Account Manager, International and Corporate Relations Department
Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia

Thanks to this TFP program from ADB, we achieved new contacts. We increased our practical experience and gain new skills and knowledge.

Daler D. Sadikov
Head of International Business Department, OJSC Bank Eskhata, Tajikistan

Participation in ABD’s TFP allows us to attract a number of good and corporate clients in order to make their supply chain closer and also it’s another instrument of attracking investments and liquidity to a bank.

Alexander Khan
Treasury Director, OJSC Bank Hamkorbank, Uzbekistan

ADB assists us in keeping the right trend of competitiveness because they offer the updated tools and terms, which mostly reflect the accelerated phase of newer challenges.

Astghik Manrikyan
Head of International Operations Department
Armenian Economy Development Bank OJSC, Armenia

This program is basically for finding connectivity to enable Bank Muamalat to work closer with its counterpart in the region and globally. And also finding the ability to connect the clients of Bank Muamalat with other clients.

Endy Abdurrahman
CEO, PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia

Because the country risk of Nepal is also on the higher side, at times international banks have not given credit line to us. So, the ADB by giving credit line to us has helped us to do business smoothly.

Anil Kumar Khanal
Chief Risk Officer, Nabil Bank, Nepal