Trade Finance Program Contacts

Trade Finance Program: Contacts

Trade Finance UnitPrivate Sector Operations DepartmentADB Headquarters, 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550Metro Manila, Philippines   E-mail   +632 632 6401   +632 636 2448

Private Sector Financing contacts


Relationship Management Team
Contact TFP Relationship Managers for any trade finance-related inquiries in relation to the markets listed below.
Janet HYDE (Ms) Relationship Manager  +632 632 6529   E-mail

Santosh POKHAREL (Mr)Relationship Manager   +632 632 4235   E-mail
Nana KHURODZE (Ms)Relationship Manager   +632 632 5389   E-mail

Paul PACKHAM (Mr)Relationship Manager   +65 9833 6760   E-mail
Can SUTKEN (Mr)Relationship Manager   +632 632 5948   E-mail
Transactions Management Team
Contact your country Transaction Manager for specific transactions, pricing, and limit availability.
Pamela GAMILLA (Ms)   +632 632 5411   E-mail
Catherine ABOT (Ms)   +632 632 4154   E-mail
Marian CRUZ (Ms)   +632 683 1577   E-mail
Grisha DOMINGUEZ (Ms)   +632 632 5815   E-mail

TFP Contacts per Country

Developing Member Country Relationship Manager Transactions Manager
Afghanistan Janet Hyde Marian Cruz
Armenia Nana Khurodze Marian Cruz
Azerbaijan Nana Khurodze Catherine Abot
Bangladesh Santosh Pokharel Catherine Abot
Bhutan Janet Hyde Grisha Dominguez
Cambodia Janet Hyde Grisha Dominguez
China, People's Republic of Santosh Pokharel Catherine Abot
Cook Islands Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Fiji Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Georgia Nana Khurodze Pamela Gamilla
Indonesia Can Sutken Grisha Dominguez
Kazakhstan Nana Khurodze Catherine Abot
Kyrgyz Republic Nana Khurodze Marian Cruz
Marshall Islands Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Mongolia Nana Khurodze Catherine Abot
Myanmar Janet Hyde Catherine Abot
Nepal Janet Hyde Grisha Dominguez
Pakistan Santosh Pokharel Marian Cruz
Papua New Guinea Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Samoa Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Sri Lanka Janet Hyde Grisha Dominguez
Tajikistan Nana Khurodze Marian Cruz
Timor-Leste Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Tonga Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Uzbekistan Nana Khurodze Pamela Gamilla
Vanuatu Paul Packham Pamela Gamilla
Viet Nam Can Sutken Pamela Gamilla

Supply Chain Finance Program: Contacts

For inquiries, contact the following:
Jovilyn COTIO (Ms)  +63 998 998 8202   E-mail

Sabine OUDART (Ms)   +65 8518 0895   E-mail