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How to Join the Trade Finance Program

Join TFP as an Issuing Bank

The TFP is open to qualified banks located in ADB’s 21 developing member countries. There are no fees to join the TFP. 

The qualification criteria to be an issuing bank include:

  • positive financial statements
  • strong corporate governance
  • clear and balanced stakeholder structure
  • existing trade finance operations

Advantages in joining TFP as an issuing bank include:

  • increases bank’s credit lines
  • expands relationships with correspondent banks
  • reduces cash collateral requirements
  • enhances the ability to maintain or attract new clients
  • provides critical support during times of crisis

Banks interested in participating in the ADB Trade Finance Program as an issuing bank can telephone the TFP team at ADB Headquarters in Manila (+63 2 86326401), or email us.

Join TFP as a Confirming Bank

Confirming banks are in a key position to support more business for exporting clients, especially in countries where credit lines are limited.

The TFP is open to qualified international, regional, and local banks worldwide. Interested banks are required to provide information on their anti–money-laundering (AML) and know-your-client (KYC) policies. Eligible confirming banks should sign a Confirming Bank Agreement. There are no fees to join the TFP.

Advantages in joining TFP as a confirming bank include:

To join as a confirming bank of TFP, please email Catherine Estrada.

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