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TFP Highlights (2018)


$6.20billion Transactions supported
$36.30 billion transactions from 2009-2018

$3.75billion Cofinancing
$21.60 billion in cofinancing from 2009-2018

4,476 Number of transactions
21,083 transactions from 2009-2018


3,475 SMEs supported
15,688 SMEs supported from 2009-2018

240+ Number of partner banks

21 TFP countries, with Armenia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam the most active


TFP Summary (2018)

  • Products: Credit Guarantee (CG), Risk Participation Agreement (RPA), and Revolving Credit Facility (RCF)
  • Participants: 240+ partner banks worldwide: 72 Issuing Banks and 168+ Confirming Banks
  • Exposure limits: Participating bank limits vary based on credit assessments
  • Tenor: Maximum 3 years, but average tenor of portfolio is less than 180 days
  • Coverage: Up to 100% per individual transaction under CG and RCF; up to 50% under RPA
  • Types of transactions: Letters of credit, guarantees, discounting, trade loans, and other instruments
  • State-owned banks eligible? Yes, TFP support covers state-owned banks and transactions involving state-owned companies
  • Currencies: US dollar, euro, yen, and RMB

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