fbpx ประเทศไทย : ยุทธศาสตร์หุ้นส่วนการพัฒนาระดับประเทศระหว่างประเทศไทยและธนาคารพัฒนาเอเชีย (พ.ศ. 2556-2559) | Asian Development Bank

ประเทศไทย : ยุทธศาสตร์หุ้นส่วนการพัฒนาระดับประเทศระหว่างประเทศไทยและธนาคารพัฒนาเอเชีย (พ.ศ. 2556-2559)

Institutional Document | ตุลาคม 2013

This Country Partnership Strategy (in Thai) defines ADB's strategic approach in Thailand for 2013–2016.

The Country Partnership Strategy for 2013–2016 is aligned with ADB’s Strategy 2020 and comparative strengths and complements efforts by its development partners. The new strategy is also closely aligned with Thailand's medium-term development framework and longer-term goals, and will focus on the country's key development challenges including productivity and competitiveness, regional equity and inclusive growth, environmentally sustainable development, and regional cooperation and integration (RCI). ADB will apply the "finance ++" approach by providing public and private sector financing in a flexible manner, helping leverage public and private sector financing, and delivering innovative knowledge solutions to accelerate and maximize development effectiveness.

The strategy's goal is to assist Thailand in achieving inclusive and sustainable rapid economic growth, leading to reduced inequality and higher income status. The partnership will be based on three strategic pillars: (i) knowledge advancement and innovation, (ii) support for private sector development, and (iii) RCI facilitation. These strategic pillars will be operationalized through four program areas: infrastructure development, finance sector development, environmentally sustainable development, and RCI initiatives. Human resource development, good governance, and gender equity will be mainstreamed into ADB operations and activities.