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Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Issues

Issues and topics related to climate change and disaster risk management that ADB has identified as priorities in developing Asia and the Pacific.

  • Clean Energy

    Energy efficiency is emerging as one of the key options that can help nations in Asia and the Pacific meet the region's growing energy needs in a clean and effective way.

  • Green Cities

    Cities in Asia are growing at an unprecedented pace, with 44 million added to city populations every year. The resulting congestion, waste, pollution, and associated health impacts remain key challenges in sustaining urban development.

  • Lands and Forests

    Lands and forests are being conserved to provide sustainable livelihood for local populations and a safe haven for thousands of animal and plant species.

  • Resilient Development

    The challenge facing Asia and the Pacific is to create another kind of resilience—disaster resilience—at the national and regional level.

  • Strengthening Policies

    Green growth has great potential to provide a clear and focused policy agenda to pursue sustainable economic growth, while improving resilience to climate change and other shocks, and preventing environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and unsustainable natural resource use.

  • Climate Financing

    The Asia Pacific Region needs billions of dollars to transition to low-carbon economic growth while adapting to the unavoidable impacts of climate change.

  • Integrated Disaster Risk Management

    ADB helps its member countries become more resilient to disasters by financing flood control and water resource management projects, as well as innovative ways of financing disaster risk management.

  • Post-Disaster Response, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction

    Through its emergency assistance loan program, ADB provides fast-tracked support to help members rebuild high-priority physical assets and restore economic, social and governance activities in the aftermath of disasters.