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Post-Disaster Response, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction

The Asian Development Bank seeks to help its member countries become more resilient to the effects of disasters, while it continues to provide assistance to support post-disaster recovery needs. Between August 1987 and December 2018, ADB approved $10.3 billion for 222 disaster risk management projects that directly reduced disaster risks, strengthened financial preparedness, and supported post-disaster recovery; while a further 442 projects incorporated measures to strengthen disaster resilience in their design. These have included flood control and integrated water resource management projects, as well as programs supporting financial preparedness for disasters in ADB’s developing member countries. ADB’s quick response was also seen in the aftermath of disasters such as the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, a tropical cyclone in Tonga, an earthquake in Papua New Guinea, and increased volcanic activity of Mt. Manaro in Vanuatu, which all happened in 2018.

Through its emergency assistance loan program, ADB provides fast-tracked support to help members rebuild high-priority physical assets and restore economic, social and governance activities in the aftermath of disasters.