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Environment: Activities

4 April 2019

Launch of the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility

Thailand Finance Minister and ADB Governor Mr. Apisak Tantivorawong and ADB President Mr. Takehiko Nakao launched the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility, a new initiative under the ADB-administered ASEAN Infrastructure Fund, on 4 April 2019 in Chiang Rai, to mobilize $1 billion in green infrastructure investments across Southeast Asia. Joined by the ASEAN ministers, senior officials, and private sector entities, development partners signed letters of support for the facility which will provide loans and technical assistance for sovereign green infrastructure. Read news release

13 March 2019

Workshop for Thailand's State-Owned Power Utility, the Provincial Electricity Authority, on the Issuance of Green Bonds

ADB organized a workshop for Thailand's state-owned power utility, the Provincial Electricity Authority, on the issuance of green bonds on 13 March 2019 in Bangkok. About 75 participants from the utility company, Ministry of Finance, Thai Bond Market Association, and Thai Securities and Exchange Commission attended the workshop.

11 December 2018

เอดีบีจับมือกับบริษัท บี.กริม เพาเวอร์ จำกัด (มหาชน) เพื่อจะลงทุนในพันธบัตรสีเขียว (Green Bond) มูลค่า 5 พันล้านบาท (155 ล้านเหรียญสหรัฐ)

เอดีบีจับมือกับบริษัท บี.กริม เพาเวอร์ จำกัด (มหาชน) เพื่อจะลงทุนในพันธบัตรสีเขียว (Green Bond) มูลค่า 5 พันล้านบาท (155 ล้านเหรียญสหรัฐ) ระยะ 5 และ 7 ปี ซึ่งถือเป็นครั้งแรกของประเทศไทยที่มีการออกพันธบัตรด้านภูมิอากาศ (Climate Bond) เงินลงทุนดังกล่าวจะนำไปใช้สำหรับโครงการพลังงานทดแทนในประเทศไทยของบริษัท บี. กริม เพาเวอร์ฯ ซึ่งเป็นการนำร่องการดำเนินงานแบบคาร์บอนต่ำ อันเป็นหนทางไปสู่การเจริญเติบโตทางเศรษฐกิจอย่างยั่งยืน แถลงข่าว : http://bit.ly/2PAEcJi News Release :http://bit.ly/2Ei36LN

10 January 2017

ADB signs loan agreement for PRC's clean bus leasing program

On 10 January, Michael Barrow, Director General of ADB’s Private Sector Operations Department, and Jingbin Shi, Vice President of Everbright Financial Leasing (EFL) signed a $75 million private sector loan under the Clean Bus Leasing Program in Beijing. EFL is the third and final leasing company to avail of a loan under the program, which is expected to increase clean bus transport services in the PRC. See news release.

10 January 2017


1月10日,亚行私营部门业务局局长迈克尔·巴罗(Michael Barrow)与光大金融租赁副总裁史静宾在北京共同签署了一份7,500万美元的贷款。该贷款隶属于亚行清洁公交租赁项目,光大金融租赁是第三家也是最后一家获得该项目资金的公司。这笔贷款将为中国城市提供更多的清洁公共汽车运输服务。阅读新闻稿

16 July 2016

Freeland Foundation shares anti-wildlife trafficking program

Several NGOs, namely: World Wildlife Fund, Tanggol Kalikasan, and Save Our Philippines Seas, joined the Philippines Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Agencies in a knowledge sharing forum titled, “ARREST: Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking”. The forum was held at the ADB headquarters in Manila, on 16 June 2016.

Steven Galster, Director of Freeland Foundation, presented lessons and experiences in implementing ARREST, a United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded program that aims to stop wildlife the illegal trade in wildlife in Asia. The program works with Asian government authorities, strengthens law enforcement against wildlife trafficking, and improves regional cooperation and anti-trafficking networks. The ARREST undertakes multimedia campaigns aimed at reducing consumer demand for wildlife. Through the program, more than 2 million live animals have been recovered from 2008 to 2015. Representatives of Philippine National Police Maritime Group, Biodiversity Management Bureau, and USAID’s Ecosystems Improved for Sustainable Fisheries (ECOFISH) Project, likewise presented lessons in anti-wildlife trafficking activities.

The knowledge event inspired participants, as they listened to the successes and lessons from other organizations. The forum acknowledges the need for more cooperation and concerted efforts from donor and government agencies, as well as civil society organizations, to overcome the remaining challenges to completely stop wildlife crime in Asia. ADB’s Environment and Safeguards Division, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department hosted the event.

14 April 2016

VP Susantono attends Vulnerable 20 Group ministerial meeting

The Vice-President participated in the V20 Group ministerial meeting held on 14 April on the sidelines of the IMF and the WB Group Spring Meetings in Washington, DC. VP Susantono announced ADB's support to the group of finance ministers from vulnerable developing countries to strengthen their fiscal resilience to disasters.

5 June 2015

President Nakao leads World Environment Day celebration at HQ

The President on 5 June planted a tree at ADB HQ in Manila to symbolize ADB's continued efforts to protect the environment. In remarks during the ceremony, he encouraged ADB staff to examine their lifestyles to see how they can help conserve natural resources and reduce waste. Read the speech and see the photo.

27 April 2015

President Nakao sends deepest condolences to Nepal Prime Minister; ADB to provide $3 million for immediate relief

In a letter to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, President Nakao said he was saddened by the loss of life and property in the Nepal earthquake on 25 April, and that ADB stands together with the people of Nepal and the Government at this challenging time. ADB is providing a $3 million grant for immediate relief efforts, followed by up to $200 million in additional resources for projects in the first phase of rehabilitation. Read the news release.