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ADB Support for Environmental Sustainability

In the context of Strategy 2020 and in the follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), ADB prepared the Environment Operational Directions, 2013–2020, to provide a coherent overview of ADB environment operations and to articulate how it will step up efforts to help the region achieve a transition to environmentally sustainable growth or green growth.

To promote the transition to green growth, and address the causes and consequences of climate change, four mutually supportive environment operational directions have been identified: 

  • Promoting a shift to sustainable infrastructure. Help developing member countries build infrastructure that contributes to environmentally sustainable and low-carbon development, as well as to increased resilience to climate change and other threats;
  • Investing in natural capital. Help reverse the ongoing decline of natural capital to ensure that environmental goods and services can sustain future economic growth and wellbeing, build climate resilience, and contribute to carbon sequestration;
  • Strengthening environmental governance and management capacity. Build sound environmental governance and management capacity for improved environmental and natural resource management including the strengthening of country systems and capacities for environmental safeguards;
  • Responding to the climate change imperative. Promote climate change response actions—both adaptation and mitigation—that will cut across the other three directions and be fully integrated within each.

Environmental Safeguards

ADB's environmental safeguards aim to ensure the environmental soundness and sustainability of projects, and to support the integration of environmental considerations into the project decision-making process. Learn more about ADB's environmental and social safeguards »