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ADB and the Global Environment Facility

What is the Global Environment Facility (GEF)?


Established in 1991, the GEF is now the world's largest independent funder of projects to improve the global environment. To date, the GEF has allocated $10.5 billion in grants and leveraged $51 billion in co-financing for over 2,700 projects in 165 developing countries.

ADB has been working closely with the GEF since the late-1990s, and since 2002 has served as one of the 10 agencies with direct access to GEF resources. The ADB-GEF partnership is anchored on the recognition of the vital links between environment and sustainable development, and that wise stewardship of natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems are essential to the long-term development of countries and Asia and the Pacific.

GEF projects and programs address seven complex global environmental issues, corresponding to the GEF focal areas related to:

ADB-GEF projects and programs


By blending ADB's financial resources for sustainable development with GEF grant resources for the global environment, the ADB-GEF partnership provides substantial opportunities for inclusive economic growth with local and global environmental benefits. This is achieved through support for enabling activities, testing of innovations, and investments to scale-up and mainstream environmentally sustainable approaches, technologies and infrastructure.

Examples of innovative and transformational ADB-GEF programs, include the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security, the Heart of Borneo Initiative, the People’s Republic of China-GEF Partnership on Land Degradation in Dryland Areas, and the Pilot Asia-Pacific Climate Technology Network and Finance Center.

View ADB-GEF projects by focal areas:

Assessing GEF resources


GEF allocates funding to projects through its System for Transparent Allocation of Resources. To develop GEF funded projects, ADB works closely with GEF Operational Focal Points within its developing members countries in Asia and the Pacific.

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