Activities to Support Gender and Development

9 February 2017

2016 Shireen Lateef Gender Equality Operations Awards presented

The Gender Equality Operations Awards were presented by ADB's Thematic Advisor on Gender Equity Sonomi Tanaka on 9 February 2017 at the ADB Headquarters to distinguished ADB personnel to recognize and celebrate their outstanding work to promote and support ADB’s gender equality and women’s empowerment agenda. Since 2016, the awards have been given in honor of the late Shireen Lateef, architect of ADB’s Policy on Gender and Development, which provides the guiding framework for ADB’s gender and development activities. View the award winners and the projects.

21 December 2016

ADB's Armenia Resident Mission's campaign against gender-based violence

ADB's Armenia Resident Mission joins the worldwide 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence. Sixteen high profile people drawn from international development partners, local NGOs, members of the National Assembly and government ministers, and ADB's Armenia Resident Mission featured messages from each on social media to raise awareness and express solidarity. The initiative was supported under ADB's regional technical assistance on Strengthening Gender-Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia. View the campaign.

19 December 2016

Workshop on gender-responsive climate mitigation held in Viet Nam

ADB, together with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, hosted a workshop on Gender-Responsive Climate Change Mitigation in Asia and Beyond, on 19-20 December in Ha Noi to share lessons learned from ADB Southeast Asia Regional Department - Urban Development and Water Division's (SEUW) regional technical assistance project. Funded by Nordic Development Fund, the project employs a unique partnership model that engages women in more inclusive climate institutions, policies and projects in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam. ADB Viet Nam Resident Mission Country Director Eric Sidgwick emphasized that climate change is one of the foremost challenges to development, where it is particularly true in Viet Nam. He also noted the importance to recognize women as change agents that make Viet Nam resilient and low carbon. ADB SEUW's Linda Adams, project manager, highlighted that the workshop aimed to create a marketplace for government policymakers, civil society, and distinguished experts from Green Climate Fund, International Union for Conservation of Nature, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Women, Women's Environment and Development Organization, and Heinrich Böll Stiftung to scale up gender-responsive mitigation actions and funding.

6 December 2016

Project on Kyrgyz women entrepreneurship discussed

Kyrgyz Republic Economy Minister and ADB Alternate Governor Arzybek Orozbekovich Kojoshev stressed women entrepreneurs' role in the country's social and economic development at the conference on 6 December in Bishkek. Kyrgyz Republic Resident Mission Country Director Candice McDeigan highlighted the project achievements in developing innovative financial and non-financial services to improve business environment. Over 65 representatives from government, development partners, financial institutions, and civil society participated in the event.

6 December 2016

Gender equity through legal literacy in Asia

ADB Office of the General Counsel's Irum Ahsan on 6 December delivered a presentation, Gender Equity Through Legal Literacy in Asia, in which she shared her takeaways on why an organic, outside-the-box, and balancing-the-scale approach is needed to achieve a more inclusive society in Asia and the Pacific. She discussed how OGC Law and Policy Reform Team promotes gender equality, legal literacy, and women's access to justice in South Asia. Members of the US Government, research institutions, NGOs, private sector, and academia participated in the discussion in Washington, DC.

5 December 2016

Economic case for promoting LGBT inclusion discussed

Economics professor of Williams Institute, Lee Badgett, highlighted in the seminar the economic cost of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) stigma and exclusion at the personal, corporate, country, and cross-country levels. A panel of experts comprising the Philippines' first transgender legislator Geraldine Roman, LGBT Chamber of Commerce's Brian Tenorio, and ADB Office of the General Counsel's Jogendra Ghimire spoke at the event, attended by about 200 participants on 5 December at the ADB headquarters in Manila. ADB Managing Director General Juan Miranda who opened the Seminar stressed the importance of learning and inclusion. 

28 November 2016

Video interviews with Asian women leaders

Women leaders from Asia and the Pacific shared insights on their personal journeys, cultivating women's empowerment and leadership, and promoting gender equality at the 3rd Asia Women Leaders Program. Resource speakers included Roshaneh Zafar, Wenny Kusuma, Oyun Sanjaasuren, Erna Witoelar, Emmeline Verzosa, Pacita Juan, and Thet Thet Khine. See video series on Women in Leadership.

25 November 2016

ADB supports Gender Equality Act in Maldives

The Gender Equality Act provides the legislative basis for combatting gender-based discrimination and addressing structural inequalities and discriminatory practices toward women. Passed by the parliament in August 2016, it marks the culmination of support under ADB's technical assistance led by ADB South Asia Regional Department's Francesco Tornieri and Office of the General Counsel's Patricia Rhee. This legislation is part of Maldives' continuing efforts to achieve gender equality.

17 November 2016

Workshop on promoting gender equality in the labor market held in Beijing

ADB, International Labour Organization, and Beijing Normal University conducted the National Workshop for Promoting Gender Equality in the Labor Market: Gender, Labor, and Migration on 17-18 November in Beijing. Discussions focused on current research on gender and migrant labor in the PRC; and the technical note on gender, migration, and labor market in the PRC which outlines trends in women's employment in the context of rapid economic and social transitions.

15 November 2016

Regional consultation held on benchmarking gender-related SDG targets

Experts from planning and women ministries and national statistical offices in 22 countries discussed the Benchmark Publication on Gender and SDGs at the event on 15-17 November in Bangkok, Thailand. Issues covered were equality in human capabilities, women's economic empowerment, voice and leadership, safety and climate resilience, and gender statistics gaps and policy recommendations. ADB's Gender Technical Advisor Sonomi Tanaka opened the workshop, whiah was jointly organized by ADB and UN Women.