Activities to Support Gender and Development

10 May 2017

Asia Foundation, ADB sign MOU on knowledge partnership

The Asia Foundation Senior VP for Programs Gordon Hein and ADB VP Susantono signed a memorandum of understanding on 10 May in ADB headquarters. The Environment, Gender, Governance, and Regional Cooperation and Integration thematic groups will work closely with the Asia Foundation in areas of common interest in the region.

5 May 2017

ADB joint seminar with the City of Yokohama on women’s leadership

Female and male leaders across Asia discussed on 5 May in Yokohama how governments, companies, and citizens together can accelerate narrowing gender gaps at the workplace, forge women's leadership, and contribute to a more vibrant, inclusive, innovative, and sustainable society in Asia. Read more in Women’s Leadership for Vibrant, Inclusive, and Sustainable Asia.

19 April 2017

Gender equality in energy sector discussed at workshop in Bhopal

ADB India Resident Mission and South Asia Regional Department's Energy Sector Group organized a workshop on Smart Grid Technologies and Implications for Inclusive Development on 19-20 April in Bhopal, India. About 80 senior officials from six states, including the Ministry of Power, and the Energy Department of Madhya Pradesh; and social development practitioners discussed opportunities to maximize gender equality and social inclusion considerations in the energy sector.

5 April 2017

Menteri Sri Mulyani Indrawati kunjungi kantor pusat ADB

Menteri Keuangan Republik Indonesia dan Gubernur ADB Sri Mulyani Indrawai bertemu dengan Presiden ADB Takehiko Nakao di Kantor Pusat ADB di Manila untuk membahas peluang dan tantangan yang dihadapi Indonesia. Ibu Menteri juga berbicara di Eminent Speakers' Forum ADB dan memaparkan pandangan beliau mengenai isu-isu gender, inklusivitas, dan pengelolaan pengetahuan.

5 April 2017

Indonesia Finance Minister visits ADB

Indonesia Finance Minister and ADB Governor Sri Mulyani Indrawati met with President Nakao and discussed Indonesia's challenges and prospects on 5 April at ADB's headquarters in Manila. She spoke at ADB's Eminent Speakers' Forum on gender, inclusivity, and knowledge management. See the photo.

4 April 2017

Climate Investment Funds' gender working group meet in UK

Participants from multilateral development banks met at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development on 4-5 April in London to discuss new Climate Investment Funds (CIF) gender policy and action plan. ADB Technical Advisor on Gender Equity Sonomi Tanaka presented ADB's gender mainstreaming system and emerging gender equality results of the CIF portfolio.

30 March 2017

Workshop discusses asset ownership and entrepreneurship from a gender perspective

ADB Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department's (ERCD) regional dissemination workshop on 30-31 March in ADB headquarters presented the results of pilot surveys conducted by Georgia, Mongolia, and the Philippines under the technical assistance on measuring asset ownership and entrepreneurship from a gender perspective. The survey methodology piloted was developed under the UN's Evidence and Data for Gender Equality initiative, with ADB as one of the collaborating partners.

17 March 2017

Workshop discusses gender equality, social inclusion guidelines in Kathmandu

The Physical Planning and Transport Ministry of the Government of Nepal and ADB's Nepal Resident Mission on 17 March in Kathmandu organized a validation workshop on the ADB-supported gender equality and social inclusion guidelines, attended by more than 30 officials. The guidelines define the approaches and targets for sector policies and interventions in addressing the needs and constraints faced by women, the poor, and socially excluded groups; and ensuring their inclusion.

16 March 2017

Armenia Prime Minister launches ADB-supported gender program

Armenia Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and ADB Armenia Resident Mission Country Director Shane Rosenthal on 16 March in Yerevan launched the annual best woman entrepreneur award ceremony and expo-fair where more than 100 women presented their products. They emphasized the importance of women entrepreneurs' contribution to Armenia's economic development. Selected women entrepreneurs shared their stories, and a learning corner was organized for discussing experiences. The event was supported by ADB under a Regional Technical Assistance on Strengthening Gender Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia; and by other partners including the SME Development National Center, GIZ, and English-Speaking Association.

16 March 2017

CNN Philippines president speaks on gender, leadership at ADB Headquarters

Armie Jarin-Bennet, president of CNN Philippines, spoke about her experiences as a female journalist and how gender-related stereotyping and expectations have presented challenges throughout her career. Speaking at the ADB's Gender Month Distinguished Speaker event on 16 March, she highlighted the importance of mentoring in empowering women and the challenge of dismantling gender stereotypes.