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Gender Action Plans in ADB Projects

The project-specific gender action plan (GAP) is a tool used by ADB to ensure “gender mainstreaming” is tangible and explicitly visible in project design and implementation. The project GAP is not a separate component. It mirrors the project outputs and is an integral part of project design.

Gender Action Plans (GAPs) in ADB project documents

GAPs include clear targets, quotas, gender design features and quantifiable performance indicators to ensure women’s participation and benefits. Key aspects of the GAP are incorporated into project assurances to encourage buy-in from executing agencies and other project partners.

The GAP presents

  • preparatory work undertaken to address gender issues in the project
  • quotas, targets, design features included in the project to address gender inclusion and facilitate  women's involvement and/or ensure tangible benefits to women
  • mechanisms to ensure implementation of the gender design elements
  • gender monitoring and evaluation indicators

Based on the gender categories of ADB projects, loans and grants with a Gender and Development theme or Effective Gender Mainstreaming have a GAP included as a link to the project document and incorporated in the project administration manual.

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