Gender and Development Projects and Initiatives | Asian Development Bank

Projects and Initiatives to Support Gender and Development

Community e-Centers are helping adolescent girls from rural Bhutan learn computer skills and programming. The courses offered is part time and students who cannot pay are allowed to attend for free. There are now 50 community e-centers accross Bhutan.

Under its Policy on Gender and Development, ADB makes a commitment to design and support a larger number of projects that address gender equality and improvements in the economic and social status of women.

Many ADB projects across a range of sectors have been developed to provide direct benefits to women. Some projects are designed to specifically target women and correct gender imbalances in education, health, or microfinance. Others have followed the path of mainstreaming gender by ensuring that design features promote and facilitate women's access to, and benefits from the project. For this purpose, a project is classified according to the gender categories.

Loans and Grants

ADB addresses gender concerns through its loans and grants by (i) mainstreaming gender analysis and gender-responsive approaches in all ADB-financed projects and programs, and (ii) increasing the number of loans that directly address gender disparities.