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ADB's Social Development Experts

Ensuring the physical, social, and economic well-being of individuals and groups, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged

  • Wendy Walker

    Wendy Walker is the Technical Advisor for the Social Development Thematic Group at the Asian Development Bank. She is the team leader for the regional technical assistance program on Strengthening Capacity for Developing Member Capacity in Elderly Care and for ADBs first loans in PRC on developing elderly care systems and services. Previously, she was a team leader for social protection and TVET loans and TAs in PRC and Mongolia. As Technical Advisor she leads the social development thematic group at ADB in operations and knowledge work. Prior to the ADB Wendy worked with the World Bank and other institutionsion social development and social protection programs. She has an M.Phil from Oxford and PhD from Johns Hopkins University.

  • Sri Wening Handayani

    Sri Wening Handayani is a Principal Social Development Specialist of the Asian Development Bank. She is the focal point for social analysis for ADB’s projects; provides awareness and training on social analysis; facilitates sharing of information on social dimensions and social protection; and supports external relations and coordination with development partners. She has been instrumental in numerous publications including the Social Protection Operational Plan 2014-2020 (2013); Social Protection Index: Assessing the Results for Asia and the Pacific (2013); Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis (2012); Assessing Social Protection for Older Persons. Prior to joining ADB, she was a consultant practitioner in social development. She has a PhD in sociology from the University of Missouri.

  • Yukiko Ito

    Yukiko Ito promotes the implementation of ADB's social development agenda through her work on community-driven development, social analysis, and social protection including in areas such as older people care services and graduation approach for the extreme poor. She also serves as the Secretariat of the ADB-wide Social Development Thematic Group. Prior to joining ADB, Yuki was involved in projects that dealt with social protection reform, conditional cash transfers, and community-driven development in the Philippines, as well as basic education and early childhood development in Suriname and the East Caribbean countries. She holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Sophia University, and a Master in Social Development from Ateneo de Manila University.

Social Development Thematic Group

Promotes new initiatives and policies that aim to reduce poverty, inequality, and vulnerability among poor and marginalized groups by transforming social institutions toward inclusive and equitable social development.

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