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Social Development and Poverty: Good Practice

  • Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis: A Working Document

    This handbook is intended to help professionals to effectively address poverty and social dimensions in programming, preparing, and implementing ADB-financed activities. It provides a road map to specific ADB policies, strategies, and procedures related to poverty reduction and inclusive development.

  • Guidance Note: Poverty and Social Dimensions of Urban Projects

    This guidance note provides practical guidance in strengthening the link between urban investments and poverty reduction, by making better use of poverty and social analysis as a resource for successful projects. It tackles the following: why poverty and social dimensions matter, what the key poverty and social issues are, and how to design inclusive urban projects.

  • Social Analysis in Private Sector Projects

    This brochure provides step-by-step guidance in addressing participation, gender, and other social risks and vulnerabilities in the context of the private sector project cycle.

  • Technical Note: Social Analysis for Transport Projects

    This technical note offers options to go beyond technical parameters and add social value customized for transport projects. It presents the rationale for conducting social analysis in transport sector projects, tackles the key social issues normally found in transport projects, and demonstrates a step-by-step approach in doing social analysis aligned with the project cycle.