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ADB's Focus on Social Development and Poverty

In the Spotlight

  • A Region at Risk: Managing the Climate Change Challenge

    Asia and the Pacific are exceptionally exposed to climate change. ADB's report presents the latest regional projections and a comprehensive assessment of the potential impact on agriculture, marine ecosystems, human health, urban areas, security, migration, and trade.

  • Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Goals Outlook

    Examining the SDGs goal by goal shows that governments will confront many common and fundamental challenges as they work to advance sustainable development.

  • Social Protection for Informal Workers in Asia

    Asia’s growing labor force needs innovative solutions to reduce risks and ensure social protection of workers in vulnerable employment with informal arrangements.

  • The Reality of Greying Asia

    The region will have one of the largest populations of elderly anywhere in the world in a few decades. Governments in Asia are generally poorly prepared for this vast change that will have wide social and economic consequences.

Despite the extraordinary gains made in living standards in Asia and the Pacific, hundreds of millions are still excluded from the benefits of rapid economic growth. Without access to basic social services, they are vulnerable to illness, unemployment, and the region’s increasingly devastating natural disasters. A social development agenda involves people and their communities, organizations, institutions, societies, and governments in all poverty relief activities. The aim is to reduce poverty, inequality, and vulnerability among the poor.

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