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ADB's Focus on Social Development and Poverty

In the Spotlight

  • What Does It Take to Build Resilient Communities? Ask Beetle

    Beetle’s family is one of many in the village to receive regular cash grants from the government to help them make ends meet in return for sending their children to school and taking them for regular health checkups.

  • A Growing Coffee Partnership for Timor-Leste

    An inclusive business approach to coffee farming in Timor-Leste is helping rural communities achieve an end-to-end sustainable supply chain, putting the country on course for a coffee renaissance.

  • Can Trade Help Achieve the SDGs?

    With well-coordinated policies in place the answer is “Yes” in a range of sectors including health, agriculture, and water.

  • Painting Batik Textile to End Poverty

    Malaysia's inclusive business enterprise Batik Boutique is reinterpreting the ancient craft of batik textile-making, giving the opportunity for women from a disadvantaged background to break the cycle of poverty.

Despite the extraordinary gains made in living standards in Asia and the Pacific, hundreds of millions are still excluded from the benefits of rapid economic growth. Without access to basic social services, they are vulnerable to illness, unemployment, and the region’s increasingly devastating natural disasters. A social development agenda involves people and their communities, organizations, institutions, societies, and governments in all poverty relief activities. The aim is to reduce poverty, inequality, and vulnerability among the poor.

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