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Participation and Empowerment in ADB Projects

Participation in ADB-assisted operations refers to the processes through which stakeholders understand, influence, and contribute to the decisions, resource allocations, and activities that affect their lives. Participation, rather than being a goal in itself, helps achieve improved development results.

Participation supports good governance, citizenship, and accountability of the state. It promotes social inclusion of disadvantaged groups and equitable economic growth.

ADB works with governments as primary counterparts, but also with private sector clients, and all are obliged to ensure other stakeholders are involved in the processes which affect their lives. In fragile and conflict-affected states, issues relating to government capacity or the effects of conflict often demand heightened attention to the participation of intended beneficiaries in determining development priorities.

ADB also provides guidance on organizing consultations with representatives of civil society and with poor, marginalized, and isolated groups to ensure that their concerns are reflected in the formulation, monitoring, and evaluation of ADB’s country partnership strategies.

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