Joint Methodology for Tracking: Climate Change Adaptation Finance

The joint MDB methodology seeks to identify the links between adaptation activities and the project’s explicit intent to reduce vulnerability to climate change.

Asian Development Bank–Japan Scholarship Program Annual Report 2022

This publication details the activities, achievements, and success stories of Asian Development Bank (ADB)–Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) alumni in 2022.

Macroeconomic Update: Nepal (September 2023)

This edition’s theme chapter assesses customs reforms and trade facilitation program in Nepal. It recommends to validating the use of e-signatures to speed up customs clearance, strengthening risk management system, and better coordination between the private and public sectors to promoting paperless customs, among others.

Annex 6: Environmental and Social Management Framework

This framework articulates the environment and social policy and procedures to address environmental, social, and sustainability issues; and prescribes standards and monitoring compliance benchmarks to manage environmental and social risks associated with CRPP Investment Fund’s portfolio of investments.

2019–2021 Joint Learning Report on the Implementation of the Accountability Mechanism Policy: Accountability Mechanism Strengthens Good Governance

This report highlights lessons from the implementation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Accountability Mechanism Policy 2012 during 2019–2021. The Accountability Mechanism was established to help people affected by projects to voice concerns and it seeks to enhance the effectiveness and quality of projects supported by ADB.

Environmental and Social Framework (Consultation Draft)

This draft policy paper was prepared for public consultation in light of the ongoing review and update of ADB’s 2009 Safeguard Policy Statement.

Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility: Annual Report 2022

In 2022, the CEFPF provided $23.6 million to 15 projects. To date, the CEFPF has allocated $284.4 million to 235 projects which contribute to the development and deployment of clean energy technologies.

Годовой отчет АБР за 2022 год

В данном годовом отчете представлен комплексный обзор операционных и финансовых результатов АБР за 2022 год.



ADB Annual Report 2022

This Annual Report provides a comprehensive account of ADB’s operational and financial results in 2022.

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