Plotting from Above: Enhancing Agricultural Mapping in Asia and the Pacific

This report provides insights on how geospatial technologies can be used to develop methodological tools for measuring agricultural land more accurately and cost-efficiently in Asia and the Pacific.

Results-Based Lending Programs in the People’s Republic of China

This brief highlights lessons from results-based lending by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to help inform future programs.

Mainstreaming Aid for Trade for Structural Reforms in the Changing Landscape of the Global Economy

This paper examines the potential of aid for trade to advance trade liberalization in developing countries.

Hybrid Paper Mulberry: A Climate-Resilient Option for Ecological Agriculture and Pasturage in the Yellow River Basin

This brief highlights the potential of the hybrid paper mulberry tree to provide nutritious low-cost fodder for livestock while reducing pressure on land and water resources.

Basic Tool Kit for Cybersecurity in Education Management Information Systems

The increased reliance on online schooling modalities calls for provision of sufficient security in education management information systems (EMIS).

A Compendium of G7 Commitments on Climate Change, Health, Well-Being, Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition, 2011–2023

The Group of Seven has been crucial in shaping global affairs for over 50 years.

The Role of Family Support in the Well-Being of Older People: Evidence from Malaysia and Viet Nam

Rapid demographic changes in Malaysia and Viet Nam could disrupt traditional family support for older people.

Politically Motivated Trade Protection

This paper shows that the Electoral College system used to elect presidents of the United States (US) distorts US federal policies in favor of key industries in swing states.

Globalization and Equality: A Cross-Country Analysis

Developing countries should improve their foreign direct investment (FDI) environment to attract FDI and upgrade the quality of unskilled labor.

Fiscal Policy and Sustainable Finance: Enhancing the Role of the Financial Sector in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

This report shows how countries in Asia and the Pacific can integrate climate action into fiscal policies to trigger the release of the massive private sector finance urgently needed to combat the fast-growing impacts of climate change.

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